The Undead and the Restless

The Winds of Change
Rule number one is you don't talk about...

The city of LA has undergone a bit of change, as has the Coterie. Richard Army now stands as the Brujah Prince of Los Angeles. Omar Romano, Missus Evangiline, and Macy Riaz still serve their Clans on the Primogen council though Ana has been replaced by Jakob Lichnowsky. The vacancies of Clan Toreador and Ventrue are filled, as are the roles of seneschal and sheriff. The Archons have left to do their duties else where in the darkness. But as much as things change, they stay the same.

The 26th found unlife the usual for each member of the Coterie.

I'm Dreaming of a Complete Restructuring of LA...
Just like the one I used to know.

The following nights and months did not bode well for the coterie as a whole but did ultimately bode well for the Camarilla and the vampires of Los Angeles.

The Sabbat attacked Charlie's holdings in retaliation for the loss of their brother, Moe. As James had recently frightened Andrea, he too was targeted. The result was a gang attack, that was "part of a movie" that resulted in the arson of both Fudge Packers Inc. and Spicy!

The Sabbat were building up to a full assault of LA on the 31st. This assault was repealed by the combined efforts of the Kindred of Los Angeles, though not without losses.

The after effects of the raid were great. As the prince and seneschal of Los Angeles were revealed to be Sabbat spies, the Justicars sent in two Archons. One was from Clan Toreador and the other from Clan Ventrue. They are jurists of the highest order and set out to strike down any possible Sabbat connections. This did not end well for Sadie, with a Sabbat sire, Lupus, with two Sabbat Sires, nor James, with connections to the Sabbat. All three were executed by the Archons, though a blood hunt has been issued for James within Los Angeles.

Life Under Reagan...
's exploding former plane

Christmas Eve arrives with the sounds of mortal celebration. Elysium has been called in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. An event that is fairly common place. Everybody who is anybody was in attendance. The coterie arrived separately and did the social thing until about 10 o'clock.

It was then that all hell broke loose. The nose cone of Air Force One was forcibly blown off and grenades were lobbed at the screaming crowd. At the same time, three identical men spilled from the side of the aircraft and proceeded to fire upon the assembled Primogen Council, killing the Ventrue and Toreador Primogens and sending the Tremere into torpor. One of the three was killed at this time by Charlie, though he was assisted by Richard.

Nothing to See Here
The Commercial Break

The evenings of the 17th through the 21st provide little in the way of interesting times.

Everyone is still maintaining the status quo.

Charlie was made aware of the attack on Spicy on the 17th, but had little to add to the situation.

Everyone received notice of Elysium to be held on December 24th.

Blood on the Dance Floor
Frankly my dear James, I don't give a damn

James awakens to horrible news for a Friday night, there is a dead woman on the dance floor and some very strange video of the event. James was understandably disturbed after having viewed the footage. He contacted the Sheriff for assistance. The Sheriff took one look at the tape and laughed. He informed James that there was nothing he could do to assist him in this. That if "that fucker was after you, well then you're pretty well fucked." James begged for any help he might be able to render. The Sheriff told him that well, maybe Missus Evangeline could control the errant Nosferatu, but she would not likely be much help. He also informed James that Missus Evangeline does not tend to deal with outsiders not in person and gave him the contact information of her head ghoul, George

After a quick call to George which arranged for a car to pick both James and Sadie, who due to staying at Spicy! the night before was trapped by the security measures that James put in place to make sure no Masquerade violations happened, and deliver them to Missus Evangeline. After discovering that all the other assistants in Missus Evangeline's care were "boy," under penalty of some punishment, the trip was uneventful.  They arrived at a hidden entrance to the sewers, after a little while in the sewers they arrived at the Warrens. Greeted by another "boy" who lead them to George and the Mistress and Louis Wagner. Missus Evangeline offers them a drink and a servant appears with cooled blood with mint, almost a blood mint julep, and asks why they are there. James informs her that he has an issue with someone who she might be able to solve. After learning that the issue was with Sawyer, Missus Evangeline tells James that the only thing to save him would be his usefulness to her and that he needed to figure out what that usefulness was before Sawyer finished his games. She immediately left the room after such. Curiously, Wagner was also missing. 


Walking in Los Angeles
Nobody walks in LA... they drive?

The night of the fifteenth starts with Lupus still missing. 

James attended his meeting at El Leon de Oro with Gabriel Lopez while accompanied by Melani. It seemed productive, and was also attended by 3 of Gabriel's Lieutenants.  Shortly after the meeting, Melani has to depart and James returned to Spicy! 

While James is occupied, Sadie takes to the sky to check in on Wolf's Den. Finding it lacking in both Lupus and useful information, she returned to the sky and spent the night hunting, mostly rats.

Lupus arrived at Spicy! driven by Bobby at around 1:30 am. After informing James that he had been abducted by his sire, Jane, he returned to his new place. Unbeknownst to him, Drake and Josh were tasked with surveillance on him by James.

Charlie Plots…

Four Men and a Black Bag
Or: Worst Newton's Cradle Ever

The evening starts with Sadie arriving at Wolf's Den to find it closed. She quickly traveled to Lupus's apartment to discover it in shambles. Once gaining access, though the open front door, she is greeted by the sight of three dead bodies and no Lupus. A sniff of the scene tells her that at least 9 scents were present, 4 who seemed to abduct the one who is most likely Lupus, while another Lupus-but-not-lupus murdered the Super, his wfe and teenaged son. The murders of wife and son were fairly gruesome with the Super being only a quick slice to the throat.  Sadie then heads quickly to Spicy! to gather reinforcements, consisting of Charlie, James, and Staci, as a snack. They travel back to the apartment and after investigating the scene and looking at the surveillance footage, they learn that Lupus apparently murdered the three around midday on the 14th and four guys removed a black bag from the scene prior to the murders and put it in a vehicle. 

Following up on the Vehicle lead them to Pho 43, a small Vietnamese restaurant. They find that Pho 43 is a den for smuggling heroin but no signs of Lupus. James suggests that it might have been the Cadillac and not the Van that took Lupus and they set forth to find the Caddy. 

A Night of Rest
Or: Finding the Lost City of Atlanta

An uneventful day for much of the Coterie. Ted did manage to track Chaz's phone back to a popular night club and established that the night prior to adding a note to Lupus's door, he was picked up by the invisible blonde. He also discovered that the phone ended up in Atlanta before going dark. Both James and Lupus attempted to contact the invisible blonde with no apparent success. 

Look and Ye Shall Find
Or: Hippies Gunna Die?

Armed with both new knowledge and new fear, The Coterie begins its evening by asking Cindy what she knows about her boyfriend. It is discovered that "That is Chaz, he's a butt. He took Sarah to his cabin in Big Bear and not me and he knew how much I love snow…" Armed with this clue, and the proper address garnered though Officer Baker, the party gathered the Malkavian, with the soon to be unfortunate phrasing of "going to kill some hippies," and ventured to Big Bear.

Upon arrival at the cabin a plan was hatched. First Charlie would scout out the area and then they would plan the assault. Immediately after Charlie left to scout, James walks up to the door and rings the bell. Chaz opens the door and is fed a line about Jesus that get the coterie in. At about the same time, Charlie rounds to the back door and is run into by a petite blonde who promptly vanishes. It is at this point that Charlie lines his rifle up and "murders the hippie." The party quickly deal with the body, by shoving it in the trunk and having Josh drive it to San Diego, while the coterie returns from whence they came. 

A Meeting to Remember

Having been unsuccessful in convincing Lupus of his new status among the undead, Sadie starts the night by attempting again, while Lupus is greeted by a note stabbed into his door, which prompted another round of Cop questioning. This time she is interrupted by a visit from Richard Army. Mr. Army proceeds to question Lupus as to when he arrived and who his maker is, which Lupus answers about his parents and living in the city for his whole life. Army responds with a stake to the chest and one pointed at Sadie with instruction to come quietly or join her friend. She chose to remain polite and was taken to the manor of Artem MacDougal, the prince of Los Angeles. After a brief meeting with some of the Primogen Council, the Senechal of Los Angeles, and a pair of unknown Tremere, Sadie and Lupus were informed that they had 1 month to find Lupus's Sire or his unlife was forfeit. Though the prince did procure them the services of a Tremere knowledgeable in modern technology to aid them. 

Ted, the Tremere all but assigned to assist them, assists first by looking though the footage from Wolf's Den . He removes the Masqurade breaking footage from the night previous as well as setting up a facial recognition program to find the strange individual that he identified from the footage. No sooner did he set it up when it went off. The life footage showed nothing, as did a peer out the window. From there it was on to Lupus's Apartment to see if the security cameras there caught the note stabber. After a little bit of talking and computing, they discover that a clean image of the perpetrator was present, and while they did not know his name they recognized him as on of Cindy's boyfriends.


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