The Undead and the Restless

A Meeting to Remember


Having been unsuccessful in convincing Lupus of his new status among the undead, Sadie starts the night by attempting again, while Lupus is greeted by a note stabbed into his door, which prompted another round of Cop questioning. This time she is interrupted by a visit from Richard Army. Mr. Army proceeds to question Lupus as to when he arrived and who his maker is, which Lupus answers about his parents and living in the city for his whole life. Army responds with a stake to the chest and one pointed at Sadie with instruction to come quietly or join her friend. She chose to remain polite and was taken to the manor of Artem MacDougal, the prince of Los Angeles. After a brief meeting with some of the Primogen Council, the Senechal of Los Angeles, and a pair of unknown Tremere, Sadie and Lupus were informed that they had 1 month to find Lupus's Sire or his unlife was forfeit. Though the prince did procure them the services of a Tremere knowledgeable in modern technology to aid them. 

Ted, the Tremere all but assigned to assist them, assists first by looking though the footage from Wolf's Den . He removes the Masqurade breaking footage from the night previous as well as setting up a facial recognition program to find the strange individual that he identified from the footage. No sooner did he set it up when it went off. The life footage showed nothing, as did a peer out the window. From there it was on to Lupus's Apartment to see if the security cameras there caught the note stabber. After a little bit of talking and computing, they discover that a clean image of the perpetrator was present, and while they did not know his name they recognized him as on of Cindy's boyfriends.



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