The Undead and the Restless


Or: As The Story Opens on The Undead and the Restless

The night was young and the beings that inhabit it were restless.

The evening of the 8th began for most, like any other day. For Sadie, the night started strangely as she awoke to discover a letter left adjacent to her resting spot. It informed her that her Sire-in-absentia would like her to attend to Lupus, as he is new and does not know what to do.

After arriving at Wolf's Den and attempting to convince Lupus of his nature, and failing, the two of them spotted a badly injured dog. The poor creature had several lacerations and stab wounds but was ultimately able to walk and had no major internal injuries. Shortly after patching up the first, a second whimpers up to the door. While Lupus patches up the second, Sadie investigates and finds an abandoned van with a knife, two empty cages and one cage with dog inside. This prompts a call to the police. The rest of the night is filled with Cop related activites.




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