The Undead and the Restless

Caged Heat

Or: Best Laid Plans

The evening of the Ninth starts much like normal. Sadie heads to her cotieremate's club, Spicy! There she informs James of the situation and they decide that this is a problem they can solve. So after collecting Charlie, they sally forth to Wolf's Den. After trying to convince him with tactful argumentation, the decision is made to drive him to frenzy, film it, and then show it to him. Though judicious lies and application of Presence, Lupus is convinced to climb into a cage for dogs, administer an IV to himself, and slowly drain his own blood. As his hunger rises, so does the beast. And eventually it breaks free, starting by downing the bowl of blood in front of him and then attempting for the caged dogs in the back. He is ultimately stopped by brute force. Once he is back in his right mind, they show him the video, to no avail. As sunrise is approaching, they break up to their various havens, with Sadie starting her stay at Spicy! with James.



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