The Undead and the Restless

Four Men and a Black Bag

Or: Worst Newton's Cradle Ever

The evening starts with Sadie arriving at Wolf's Den to find it closed. She quickly traveled to Lupus's apartment to discover it in shambles. Once gaining access, though the open front door, she is greeted by the sight of three dead bodies and no Lupus. A sniff of the scene tells her that at least 9 scents were present, 4 who seemed to abduct the one who is most likely Lupus, while another Lupus-but-not-lupus murdered the Super, his wfe and teenaged son. The murders of wife and son were fairly gruesome with the Super being only a quick slice to the throat.  Sadie then heads quickly to Spicy! to gather reinforcements, consisting of Charlie, James, and Staci, as a snack. They travel back to the apartment and after investigating the scene and looking at the surveillance footage, they learn that Lupus apparently murdered the three around midday on the 14th and four guys removed a black bag from the scene prior to the murders and put it in a vehicle. 

Following up on the Vehicle lead them to Pho 43, a small Vietnamese restaurant. They find that Pho 43 is a den for smuggling heroin but no signs of Lupus. James suggests that it might have been the Cadillac and not the Van that took Lupus and they set forth to find the Caddy. 



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