The Undead and the Restless

Walking in Los Angeles

Nobody walks in LA... they drive?

The night of the fifteenth starts with Lupus still missing. 

James attended his meeting at El Leon de Oro with Gabriel Lopez while accompanied by Melani. It seemed productive, and was also attended by 3 of Gabriel's Lieutenants.  Shortly after the meeting, Melani has to depart and James returned to Spicy! 

While James is occupied, Sadie takes to the sky to check in on Wolf's Den. Finding it lacking in both Lupus and useful information, she returned to the sky and spent the night hunting, mostly rats.

Lupus arrived at Spicy! driven by Bobby at around 1:30 am. After informing James that he had been abducted by his sire, Jane, he returned to his new place. Unbeknownst to him, Drake and Josh were tasked with surveillance on him by James.

Charlie Plots…



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