The Undead and the Restless

Look and Ye Shall Find

Or: Hippies Gunna Die?

Armed with both new knowledge and new fear, The Coterie begins its evening by asking Cindy what she knows about her boyfriend. It is discovered that "That is Chaz, he's a butt. He took Sarah to his cabin in Big Bear and not me and he knew how much I love snow…" Armed with this clue, and the proper address garnered though Officer Baker, the party gathered the Malkavian, with the soon to be unfortunate phrasing of "going to kill some hippies," and ventured to Big Bear.

Upon arrival at the cabin a plan was hatched. First Charlie would scout out the area and then they would plan the assault. Immediately after Charlie left to scout, James walks up to the door and rings the bell. Chaz opens the door and is fed a line about Jesus that get the coterie in. At about the same time, Charlie rounds to the back door and is run into by a petite blonde who promptly vanishes. It is at this point that Charlie lines his rifle up and "murders the hippie." The party quickly deal with the body, by shoving it in the trunk and having Josh drive it to San Diego, while the coterie returns from whence they came. 



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