Daniel Willard

Nosferatu Rat Lord


Clan: Nosferatu
Nature: Visionary
Sire: Tom from Myspace
Generation: 11th

Havens in the sewers, separate from the Warrens


Daniel Willard was always different from his classmates, though you’d never know it by looking at him. He much preferred to spend time with the various class pets rather than spending time with his fellow children. This interest was less due to a dislike of the people and more that he liked the animals more. This pattern continued though school and on to adult life.

He is still uncertain as to what caused his sires interest in him, though he has asked him several times. The only answer he’s gotten from the taciturn vampire is “I thought you would be useful, so be useful.” It might have been that pressure that caused him to become the Rat Lord of Santa Monica, though it might have been the ability to have lots of rat friends that caused it. Daniel has been thus far successful in his role as Rat Lord of Santa Monica, having increased his horde and their range by a measurable amount.

He has been aware of most of the Coterie for longer than they have known about him. This is most evident with ’Iwalani. She had, in her Animalism practice, managed to talk to a few of his rats. They were most excited to share the news about this strange new being that could talk to them like he could. Worried that his network might be compromised, he “confronted” her at the next Elysium and found her to be quite kind, a rare trait among those dealing with the Nosferatu. He has started a friendship with her, though her insistence on bringing him with to meet the “Rest of her friends” is bothersome.

The rest of her friends consist of a Giovanni and a Brujah. The Brujah is a nice enough girl, though her nose reminds you of your sire not that you’d tell her that. She owns a gym that is the location of the monthly Brujah bashes (or fight club as she likes to call it.) It seems to be a Masquerade safe social event around beating each other up. She is quite an accomplished boxer, from what he’s seen.

The Giovanni, on the other hand, is more of an enigma. She claims to have become fed up with the Family, which is why she is out west, but he cannot seem to find proof, one way or the other. This leaves him feeling apprehensive about the Giovanni, but he also sees the advantages that spirits would add to his network of spies. She might be dangerous, but likely is just your run of the mill spy, so as long as he doesn’t reveal important information to her she could be a useful asset.

Daniel Willard

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