Frankie Depalma

Hitman with connections to the New York mob


Age: 50
Height: 5’ 10"
Job: Hitman
Currently resides in LA


Frankie is a rather simple man, he just has a complicated job in a complicated world. He views his job as a way to help uncomplicate things just like some of the daily activities he partakes in. Frankie when going about his day to day has the uncontrollable urge to slightly just mess with everything around him, not quite to a felony level but enough to really get on peoples nerves. He would slightly tilt pictures and paintings or maybe steal somebody’s left shoe lace who wasn’t paying attention, just things like that which he felt would help people to realize to stop being so complicated.

While living in New York City Frankie hooked up with the mob who gave him his first targets. He spent a lot of time working for them there which helps to understand why he always dresses like a 1920’s movie mobster, but confuses people to as why he still does it, especially in L.A.

Frankie tends to be a very forward man always wanting things done his way and won’t take any lip about it from anybody.

Frankie Depalma

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