Gregor Haster

Ductus of the Burning Angels War Pack


Gregor Haster believes truly that the world needs to under go a harsh metamorphosis, and he is just the motherfucker to do it. He leads the Burning Angels in their subtle campaign to destablise Los Angeles in preperation for attack.

As a side effect to being a member of the path of Metamorphosis – he has forgotten his original appearance.

His second, Miranda Veracruz pushed up the plans when she Embraced Lupus Lupine III to piss off Andrea Sokolov. He orchestrated the kipnapping and replacement of Artem MacDougal with himself during the week of December 12th.

As MacDougal, he is a little more prone to changes in attitude then the real MacDougal.

Gregor met with final death at the combined forces of Charlie and Richard. while posing as MacDougal. It is this action that has lead to the presence of the Archons.

Gregor Haster

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