'Iwalani Ka'aukai

Gangrel Goth Teen


Clan: Gangrel
Generation: th

Haven is located in


‘Iwalani Ka’aukai was born on the Island of Honolulu in the state of Hawaii. She had an average childhood that culminated in an average high school experience. She was friendly and fit in with several subcultures, with very different Goths and FFA ultimately being the her most important factors in her life. It was their combination that led her to be caring for her cow late one faithful spring evening, surprising her soon-to-be-sire and leading him to mistake her for one of his kind. After a strange conversation, the gentleman excused himself and took off into the night. She had thought it the last she would see of him.

A few nights later, he stole into her bedroom and embraced her. After the initial surprise of becoming of vampire, ’Iwalani has taken to it well. Her sire moved them out of Garou territory and to the city of Sacramento., where they jointly havened for 5 years while he taught her the ropes. After her tutelage, which ended only 8 months ago, he put her in contact with some people in Los Angeles and encouraged her to go out on her own.

The friend, it turned out, had owned him a boon and agreed to discharge it by keeping an eye on her and helping her get fully setup down in Los Angeles. The result is that she is currently havening with TYLERNEWCHARACTER at his haven above the gym until such time as she has established her own haven.

Since moving to LA, she has made few friends, as she is still getting used to not being able to talk openly about herself. This has made the new girlfriend she met who owns the graveyard so special. She found out that the local graveyard shows horror films late at night on some weekends. This seemed like a natural place to cavort as no one would notice her fangs. It seems that at least one person did, SEBSNETCHARACTER. SNC sidled up to ’Iwalani and struck up a conversation. By the end, it was clear that they would be besties.

Her other major friend is the odd man in the mask. He is a curious sort, who started talking to ‘Iwalani at an Elysium a few months ago. At first, she thought that he was just some mortal troll, as he wore a Guy Fawkes mask, but he has shown to be a friend, of sorts. He doesn’t seem to have many friends, so she’s taken to trying to drag him out/introduce him to the rest of her friends.

'Iwalani Ka'aukai

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