James Albert Colms

Caitiff Club Owner and Thaumatuge


Clan: Caitiff
Nature: Conniver
Sire: Michael Weston (Dead)

Owner of Spicy


What is known of James Albert Colms is that he should not exist.

In the beginning, James being a mortal of roughly 26 years of age, he was inducted into a blood cult by the cult leader Michael Weston. Every night James and the other cultists studied arcane texts on the occult covering various topics ranging from the magic of the blood to mystical creatures such as werewolves and wraiths. At midnight each night the cultists would cut their hand and drain blood into a wooden bowl traced on the outside with arcane markings. The blood somehow seeped through the bowl filling in the arcane markings and shimmered with a faint darkness. Cult leader Michael then drank the blood after completing some indiscernible chant.

James saw the power Michael displayed for the cultists regularly, and he wanted that power for himself. Over the course of a year’s time James positioned himself within the cult as the second to Michael. Months had passed as James slowly convinced Michael to show him the source of his power and within a week James convinced Michael to turn him.

After learning of vampires existing, His studies in occult made much more sense to him. He knew that there was power to a vampire’s blood and soul or essence, if that can be considered a soul. At the moment of James’ turning, he knew the frenzy would occur, but he would ride it and let it take him to power. James was born anew as a vampire. His first act was that of draining Michael of first his blood, and then his essence. James turned his frenzy toward the other cultist, killing each and every one of them. Except David Price. He was ill and not in attendance that night.

After recovering his senses, James went to the place where he secretly followed Michael to several times. This turned out to be a Tremere Chantry. James was turned away. After wandering the streets for a short time, a black panel van suddenly stopped beside him, a man stepped out. As James began to speak, everything went black for what seemed like a split second. James continued to speak, but realized he was somewhere else bound in a chair seated before a man of important stature. James never the less began to speak again but was commanded by the man to be silent. James wanted to explain or at least find out what they knew, but he could not bring himself to speak. This man of importance began a line of questioning that led him to an understanding of how James came to become a vampire and that there is no sire to punish, that all witnesses to this event were dead. The sire to Michael Weston was brought in in a similar fashion to James. This newcomer was even more frightened than James. As it turns out, both were to be left alive. James as a punishment to Michael’s sire and Michael’s sire was left to bear the shame of this occurrence. It was proclaimed by the prince that the sire of Michael was not to be allowed to create any new vampires, or face the final death. – If the Camarilla handled this directly, James is dead as either one of three things is true, Michael is Sabbat, Michael did not get permission or Michael did get permission. The first two mean that James is staked and left for dead, the last is the only way he survives. This means the Tremere would be who deal with James and his indiscretion, read Tremere almost certainly know about the diablerie. They would likely send him on the below suicide mission as a “test” to see if he is worthy.

A short time later James was approached by a member of the princes retinue, a Tremere who gave James the option to assist on a purely political mission down into San Diego. The Tremere insisted that there may be a place for him among the ranks of the Tremere if he competed this task. James took the opportunity and traveled with two other vampires, a Gangrel, and a Brujah, as well as several ghouls. All well-armed. – Why would the Tremere equip James for success if they wanted him dead, as the offer implies. Also, how did they rope the Gangrel and Brujah into helping. James suspected that this mission might not be what he had in mind. Parking in the Gaslamp district of San Diego the mission was to deliver a message to a Sabbat representative in a recently constructed building. Upon entering the building, James was taken captive immediately. The Sabbat representative spoke with James briefly. The rest of the team entered the building guns blazing, claws slicing, and spiked bats smashing. The moment they were inside though. People barricaded the exits and the several story building caught fire. With the windows still barred shut from construction none could escape. With the anti-fire sprinkler system not functional yet and a delayed response from the fire department due to several incidents in the city, the building was left to burn until it collapsed in on itself.

James awoke from a long sleep. He found himself stuck behind a wall under a small bit of rubble. He broke through the plaster wall and a person came down a set of stairs. Sadly this was a compassionate woman who appeared to be a waitress. James had his first meal in a long time, but not just a taste. He drank her until she fell limply to the floor. James sealed the wound, found a piece of rebar in the rubble and stabbed her through with it, shoving her into the hole in the wall. James used a bottle of water from the storage rack to clean himself of her blood. James emerged at the top of the stairs and appeared to be in a bar somewhere in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. The first thing James noticed that was odd was that the T.V. on the wall was flat, that it must have been set into the wall, but it was so big and clear. The sports update indicated a date of November 29, 2015. – No indication of date above makes the time jump confusing.

James convinced a cab driver to give him a free ride back to Los Angeles. Needless to say those who believed James dead were surprised that he still lived. The Prince believed James had been caught in an abduction by the Sabbat along with the Gangrel and the Brujah. The Tremere who set up the mission was standing next to the Prince at this very meeting. James made eye contact with the Tremere before turning his gaze back to the prince and confirmed that story. That he had been abducted, but the building James had been held in was attacked by some unknown group, probably anarchs, causing the building to collapse. James told the prince that he blacked out and awoke earlier that evening in a cellar under some rubble. James also explained almost as an afterthought that there was a casualty when he awoke, stating that he lost control of himself, and that here is plenty of plausible deniability to the circumstances he left her in. -With a record of “frenzy accidents” he would not likely survive this encounter, he should probably be mum about that. I like the meeting between James and the Prince, of LA?, though the change in reason from the lack of Cammy involvement in sending him out means it should be more about him coming to LA/existing in LA. With the time jump remember that LA was not in Camarilla hands until 2006.

James began his life again in Los Angeles. Nobody expected him, a caitiff without any guidance beyond the basic rules of the Camarilla to survive for very long. As it turns out though James is quite socially adept. His focus was more on the manipulation of mortal society by talking his way into favorable business dealings. His shining star is that he has become one of the primary proprietors of a night club named Spicy!. James plans to grow his wealth by diversifying into other local night clubs.

Unfortunately, living as a Caitiff with ties to the Sabbat after a major invasion is difficult. James was found guilty of being a Sabbat Spy and sympathizer and was put to Final Death. Curiously, a blood hunt was still called on James.

James Albert Colms

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