Lupus Lupine III

Young Gangrel Veterinarian


Clan: Gangrel
Nature: Caregiver
Sire: Miranda Veracruz

Co-owner of Wolf’s Den with Jessica Stein


Lupus was born October 31st 1989. He spent most of his childhood moving around southern California due to his father’s work, so his only real friends were the pets he had over the years. As he grew up he decided he wanted to be a vet and set off to USFC to study. While there he joined a slightly extreme animal rights activist group. In the group he met Jessica Stein who shared some of his hopes and goals. Once graduated they bought The Wolf’s Den together. After his graduation his parent’s moved up to Alaska, he stays in touch with them, but less than they’d like.

He was a rather quiet man in his adult life, primarily spending his days working his shift then going home to rest before starting again. His main driving force was that he believed he could be a true help to the pets and animals in L.A. and that with the help of his only real friend Jess they could be a success.

As far as he knew he only first met a vampire on the night of his embrace.

His embrace was a night of passion and unbearable pain. The pain from being turned was so severe to him that his mind blocked out the event completely.

His current motivation is to get his life back to how it was and continue his work at The Wolf’s Den.

While in college and living in SoCal Lupus would hear all kinds of stories about crazy pet owners and the way people were mistreating animals in L.A. so that’s why he decided to open up The Wolf’s Den and stays there to run it.

Unfortunately, due to the influences of Andrea Sokolov posing as his sire, in the form of Jane Rosalind, and the true identity of his sire, Lupus was put to final death by the Arcron’s who had arrived to investigate the Sabbat Incursion.

Lupus Lupine III

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