Merideth Burke

Brujah Boxer


Clan: Brujah
Generation: 11th

Havens at her Boxing gym in Santa Monica


Merideth Burke was born to Irish Immigrant parents in the mid 1970’s. Her temper got her in more than a few fights and earned her an unladylike reputation. She cared little about it. She had dreams of being a real boxer. She had some success during the 1990’s, though her biggest fight ended with her nose being badly broken, leaving her permanently disfigured. It was her skill and flair that caught the attention of her sire. He embraced her in the early 00’s and has been furthering her training since. About a year ago, he set her to the task of finding a student to teach their shared philosophy too and left her to her own devices. She knows that he should return soonish to inspect and is somewhat worried of possible failure.

She feels that she has found a student in ‘Iwalani. ’Iwalani’s sire, a Gangrel of some martial skill, bet Merideth that he was the better fighter. The wager should she win was a teacher for the Gangrels hidden art, Protean. The lose would be to watch his childe for a period of 400 nights. Unfortunately, the elder Gangrel proved to be more than she expected, though she should have been able to win. As a result, ’Iwalani has been staying in the Gym for the last few months. She seems to have a good head on her shoulder, for a Gangrel anyway. Merideth is hoping to convince the young Gangrel to join the path, though it might be difficult.

‘Iwalani has been bringing around a Nossie as of late. He’s a decent enough, if smelly, guy. He doesn’t talk much and hangs around the edges of things talking to himself, or one hopes it’s himself.

Merideth Burke

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