Miranda Veracruz

Senechal of Los Angeles


Miranda Veracruz is a proud member of the Los Angeles community, rising though the ranks of Clan Toreador to eventually serve as the Senechal of Los Angeles, assisting the Prince in the day to day management of the Domain.

Miranda Veracruz is actually a member of the Burning Angels. She infiltrated the city and replaced the former Miss Veracruz shortly after she arrived in the city. She is actually of Clan Gangrel and is the Sire to both Lupus Lupine III and Sadie. She used her position as Senechal to hide the movements of her Pack as well as assist in their mission. She overstepped in Embracing Lupus and forced their plan into over drive.

She was captured during the fighting against the Sabbat and was ultimately put to Final Death after interrogation.

Miranda Veracruz

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