Tag: Brujah


  • Richard Army

    Richard Army is the Brujah sheriff of Los Angeles. He is soft spoken and tends towards pinstripe suits. After being instrumental in defeating the plans of [[:gregor-haster | Gregor Haster]] and crew, Army was made Prince of Los Angeles.

  • Omar Romano

    Omar Romano was embraced during the rise of Peron in Argentina. A fiery speaker and rabblerouser, he quickly rose though the ranks of the Brujah and was instrumental in the capture of LA. His reward was to be the Primogen for the city. Omar was badly …

  • Merideth Burke

    Merideth Burke was born to Irish Immigrant parents in the mid 1970's. Her temper got her in more than a few fights and earned her an unladylike reputation. She cared little about it. She had dreams of being a real boxer. She had some success during the …