Tag: Gang Affiliated


  • El Leon de Oro

    El Leon de Oro is a small Mexican style bar located on the corner on 7th and Jefferson in LA. It marks the northwestern corner of the original territory controlled the 36th Gang.

    It allows indoor smoking, contrary to California law.

  • Pho 43

    Pho 43 is a run of the mill pho joint. Behind the scenes, it is part of a distribution network for heroin imported from Asia.

    It suffered some disruption when the Coterie arrived looking for Lupus, who was not to be found. They ultimately …

  • Gabriel Lopez

    A practical man, Gabriel Lopez Lopez rose to power among the 36th Street Gang, a member of the "SureƱos":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sure%C3%B1os. He tends to hold meetings out of [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro]], a small bar in his territory.

  • Abuela

    Abuela, as everyone seems to call her, is a ornery, old cuss of a woman who practically lives at [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro.]]

  • Chuy

    Jesus "Chuy" Lopez Riviera is the night bartender at [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro.]] He is a cousin of [[:gabriel-lopez | Gabriel]] and member of the gang

  • Alfredo Galeana

    Alfredo Lopez Galeana is one of [[:gabriel-lopez | Gabriel's]] most trusted Lieutenants. He is also a cousin, from a different Aunt then [[:chuy | Chuy.]]