Tag: Ghoul


  • Drake Bell

    Drake Bell was not killed as part of [[:james-albert-colms | James's]] sentence, as we has not found.

  • Josh Peck

    Josh Peck was not killed as part of [[:james-albert-colms | James's]] sentence as he could not be found.

  • George

    A reserved man who has been serving [[:missus-evangeline | Missus Evangeline]] for as long as anyone remembers. He is almost always by her side and pushes his dominator's wheelchair when she needs to move.

  • Jimmy Chou

    A talented man in his early 30’s, Jimmy is you standard programmer and liason to the staff for August. He is also August’s ghoul.

  • Bobby Gibbons

    Bobby Gibbons was an average man before Jane entered his life. He served as her assistant for a little while before being given to her Childe, Lupus. Gibbons served briefly as a sheriff's deputy back in his native Louisiana, but has been working as a …