Tag: Mortal


  • Jessica Stein

    She is an old college friend of Lupus's and agreed to be his partner at the Wolf's Den. She runs the clinic during the day with the help of the majority of the staff. She's a bright young woman in her late twenties.

  • Drake Bell

    Drake Bell was not killed as part of [[:james-albert-colms | James's]] sentence, as we has not found.

  • Josh Peck

    Josh Peck was not killed as part of [[:james-albert-colms | James's]] sentence as he could not be found.

  • George

    A reserved man who has been serving [[:missus-evangeline | Missus Evangeline]] for as long as anyone remembers. He is almost always by her side and pushes his dominator's wheelchair when she needs to move.

  • Raphael Kristoff

    Raphael is a good man who wants to keep people safe. He rose quickly though the ranks of the police force and has only recently arrived at the rank of detective in Homicide. Despite this, he has many solved cases and seems to have a knack for finding the …

  • Chief Jessica Parns

    Chief Parns is a formidable woman. She has risen well though the ranks and now sits as one of the younger Police Chiefs in Los Angeles’s history. She is eager to prove that she was a wise appointment.

  • Same Kenato

    A surfer/hippie who owns and operates Bitoha Sculpture Garden by the beach. He has a variety of statuary from several different schools. He has been in a melancholy mood as of late, though many suspect it was the recent break in and destruction of several …

  • Jimmy Chou

    A talented man in his early 30’s, Jimmy is you standard programmer and liason to the staff for August. He is also August’s ghoul.

  • Charlie Shin

    Behind the kind facade of shop owner is the viper of the Kiei Jin. Charlie is a member of the Golden Mandarite in the south and is gathering information while fostering ties among those who might prove amiable to a change in ownership

  • Staci

    Staci is a bright young college student at UCLA. She is studying to be a kindergarten teacher but goes out most nights to hit the clubs. She recently found [[Spicy | Spicy!]] and has been going several nights a week, mostly due to the addictive nature of …

  • Gabriel Lopez

    A practical man, Gabriel Lopez Lopez rose to power among the 36th Street Gang, a member of the "Sureños":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sure%C3%B1os. He tends to hold meetings out of [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro]], a small bar in his territory.

  • Abraham Kowalczyk

    Abraham Kowalczyk is an old Romanian Jew who has survived Treblinka II and now owns and operates a pawn shop in Los Angeles.

  • Dio Richards

    Full name Diogenes Richards,He is the owner/operator of Dio’s Drag, a small new-age shop/hookah bar located in Venice Beach. A friendly and laid back man, he is well liked by all who enter his shop and sells all manner of mystical and drug paraphernalia …

  • Izie Neriz

    Owner of the "Dame Blue":https://theundeadandtherestless.obsidianportal.com/wikis/dame-blue, located in Weho. She is often found running something or another around the bar. Her constant presence means that she knows much of what is going on in Weho but …

  • Melani

    Melani recently moved to Los Angeles. She, like many others is a young aspiring actress who applied for a waitress position at [[Spicy | Spicy!]]. Despite failing to be hired, Melani commonly spends many of her nights at [[Spicy | Spicy!]] due to her …

  • Abuela

    Abuela, as everyone seems to call her, is a ornery, old cuss of a woman who practically lives at [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro.]]

  • Chuy

    Jesus "Chuy" Lopez Riviera is the night bartender at [[El Leon de Oro | El Leon de Oro.]] He is a cousin of [[:gabriel-lopez | Gabriel]] and member of the gang

  • Alfredo Galeana

    Alfredo Lopez Galeana is one of [[:gabriel-lopez | Gabriel's]] most trusted Lieutenants. He is also a cousin, from a different Aunt then [[:chuy | Chuy.]]

  • Bobby Gibbons

    Bobby Gibbons was an average man before Jane entered his life. He served as her assistant for a little while before being given to her Childe, Lupus. Gibbons served briefly as a sheriff's deputy back in his native Louisiana, but has been working as a …

  • Jon Baker

    Jon Baker was a fine cop until he made the unfortunate mistake of pulling over [[:james-albert-colms | James]]. This resulted in his ghouling and service to James. As James has died, Officer Baker has ceased being a Ghoul

  • Mitch Henessey

    Mitch Henessey is a damn fine PI. He's in his mid forties and has been working in LA and it's surrounds for most of the last 20 years. He used to work for the Los Angeles Police Department before the LA Riots but has maintained many contacts and friends …

  • Frankie Depalma

    Frankie is a rather simple man, he just has a complicated job in a complicated world. He views his job as a way to help uncomplicate things just like some of the daily activities he partakes in. Frankie when going about his day to day has the …

  • Rupert Peregrine Gawain

    Rupert Peregrine Gawain is the owner operator of the Verdant Chapel. He has been selling mystical goods in Los Angeles for nearly 15 years. He is a quiet man who looks more like a librarian then anything else. But as much of what he sells are books and …