Tag: Primogen


  • Macy Riaz

    Macy Riaz rose to the rank of Primogen though careful and strategic manipulations. If it were not for her position, most would think her a member of Ventrue, due to her power and standing, or Brujah, due to stylistic concerns, rather then from the broken …

  • Omar Romano

    Omar Romano was embraced during the rise of Peron in Argentina. A fiery speaker and rabblerouser, he quickly rose though the ranks of the Brujah and was instrumental in the capture of LA. His reward was to be the Primogen for the city. Omar was badly …

  • Jakob Lichnowsky

    Jakob Lichnowsky has been studying the lesser forms for most of the last 700 years. He is quite adept at biothaumaturgy and has been expanding the discipline for some time. He has sired several childer. Those of note include both [[:john-wicke | John …

  • Allyson Robyn Lynch

    Allyson Robyn Lynch is a producer and director of films. She has several successful films that made her the logical next Primogen of Clan Toreador. She watches over Hollywood from her haven located there in.