Tag: Tremere


  • Ana

    Ana is somewhat flashy for the average Tremere, almost seeming to fit the mold of Toreador rather then that of the magician clan. She tends to be up to date on the latest fashion trends and is always dressed fashionably, even when attending a Tremere …

  • Ansari al-Aziz

    Embraced during the Qajar dynasty in Dowlat-e Aliyye-ye Irān, the Sublime state of Iran. He was a talented Sufi mystic who caught the eye of a traveling Tremere sorcerer. He has since proved a useful, if strange, asset to the Clan.

  • Jakob Lichnowsky

    Jakob Lichnowsky has been studying the lesser forms for most of the last 700 years. He is quite adept at biothaumaturgy and has been expanding the discipline for some time. He is sire to both Tremere. After [[:ana | Ana]] fell into torpor following …