The Undead and the Restless

Blood on the Dance Floor

Frankly my dear James, I don't give a damn

James awakens to horrible news for a Friday night, there is a dead woman on the dance floor and some very strange video of the event. James was understandably disturbed after having viewed the footage. He contacted the Sheriff for assistance. The Sheriff took one look at the tape and laughed. He informed James that there was nothing he could do to assist him in this. That if "that fucker was after you, well then you're pretty well fucked." James begged for any help he might be able to render. The Sheriff told him that well, maybe Missus Evangeline could control the errant Nosferatu, but she would not likely be much help. He also informed James that Missus Evangeline does not tend to deal with outsiders not in person and gave him the contact information of her head ghoul, George

After a quick call to George which arranged for a car to pick both James and Sadie, who due to staying at Spicy! the night before was trapped by the security measures that James put in place to make sure no Masquerade violations happened, and deliver them to Missus Evangeline. After discovering that all the other assistants in Missus Evangeline's care were "boy," under penalty of some punishment, the trip was uneventful.  They arrived at a hidden entrance to the sewers, after a little while in the sewers they arrived at the Warrens. Greeted by another "boy" who lead them to George and the Mistress and Louis Wagner. Missus Evangeline offers them a drink and a servant appears with cooled blood with mint, almost a blood mint julep, and asks why they are there. James informs her that he has an issue with someone who she might be able to solve. After learning that the issue was with Sawyer, Missus Evangeline tells James that the only thing to save him would be his usefulness to her and that he needed to figure out what that usefulness was before Sawyer finished his games. She immediately left the room after such. Curiously, Wagner was also missing. 




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