The Undead and the Restless

I'm Dreaming of a Complete Restructuring of LA...

Just like the one I used to know.

The following nights and months did not bode well for the coterie as a whole but did ultimately bode well for the Camarilla and the vampires of Los Angeles.

The Sabbat attacked Charlie's holdings in retaliation for the loss of their brother, Moe. As James had recently frightened Andrea, he too was targeted. The result was a gang attack, that was "part of a movie" that resulted in the arson of both Fudge Packers Inc. and Spicy!

The Sabbat were building up to a full assault of LA on the 31st. This assault was repealed by the combined efforts of the Kindred of Los Angeles, though not without losses.

The after effects of the raid were great. As the prince and seneschal of Los Angeles were revealed to be Sabbat spies, the Justicars sent in two Archons. One was from Clan Toreador and the other from Clan Ventrue. They are jurists of the highest order and set out to strike down any possible Sabbat connections. This did not end well for Sadie, with a Sabbat sire, Lupus, with two Sabbat Sires, nor James, with connections to the Sabbat. All three were executed by the Archons, though a blood hunt has been issued for James within Los Angeles.



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