Camilla Giovanni

Giovanni Expat and Cemetary owner


Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 11th

Havens at


Camilla Giovanni was born into the mortal portion of the clan in the early 1950’s and had been preened from an early age to serve the clan, as her name suggests. She served well enough, as a ghoul, to merit entering the family as a full member, but ultimately chafed under the strictures set by the Clan. Note that this is the story that she has fed others. The truth is far stranger than that. She unfortunately was killed at age 11 by a cousin who had snapped under the pressures of the Family. He sire felt that she was too valuable to let stay dead and preformed the Ferryman’s Recall to embrace her. As a result, she bothers several of her Elders. This is why she has been sent to Los Angeles despite the fact that she is still loyal to her Clan and as such is working as an “open” covert agent, as opposed to her cousin, August Miller. She uses her revenant contact, Nico Rossilini, to pass information back to the Clan.

She migrated to New York and lived among the Italian populace there for several years before deciding to head further west, shortly after the fall of Los Angeles to the Camarilla. She has purchased a small cemetery in Santa Monica and has started to show movies, particularly those of her childhood, on one weekend a month. She has sworn her allegiance to the Camarilla and has been working to prove her worth to her new allies.

She has met many of the kindred in LA, but due to her name, few trust her. Among those who seem willing to is TYLERSNEWCHARACTER. Their first encounter was hardly under the best of circumstances as it was during the week long Sabbat raid over the holidays. By happenstance, the owner of a nearby business was being assaulted by a group of shovelheads. As that could hardly do, she attempted to intervene. Who ultimately saved who, as Camilla’s attempt was mostly futile, is up to debate but the resulting friendship has been fruitful.

Also of interest has been ’Iwalani, a young Gangrel that showed up at showing one evening. After spending much of the film talking with her, it became clear that she is another new face to Los Angeles but seems to have ties that go farther than just this city. She will likely make a useful ally to further the appearance of loyalty. And as such, Camilla has been attempting to spend more time with the young Gangrel.

The last few times that you have interacted with ’Iwalani she has brought along a Nosferatu. He seems a bit put off but polite and friendly enough. Camilla has been attempting to find some kind of common ground between them but has thus far found little. This has not dampened her want to “get to know” the Nosferatu as they are among the greatest spy masters.

Camilla Giovanni

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