George Herbert

Egyptologist, turned Setite, turned Nightclub Owner, turned Curio shop Owner


George Herbert, full name George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, was a prominent Egyptology and major financier for several digs, including Tutankhamen. It was on this last dig that he drew the attention of the Setites. They embraced him and provided a story to allow him to fade from notice. His children inherited his title while he became a quick study of the Setites ways.

By the 1960’s, he had become disillusioned. Advancement was rare for one of his birth, a fact that infuriated him as former member of landed aristocracy, and ultimately lead him to break with the clan. He nominally joined the Camarilla for protection but is largely independent of the politicking.

He owned a Egypt-themed nightclub for much of the 60’s though the 80’s but as the mortal political spectrum has shifted towards that being unpopular, he has since sold the night club for a curio and antiques shop.

George Herbert

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