Here are a list of the locations as they exist in this Los Angeles


Bars, Nightclubs, and Hotspots:

Spicy! - A Nightclub in the Industrial District. It was burned down and has not been replaced.

Önnts - A Rival Nightclub in Downtown

Arima - Another of Spicy!'s Rivals

Ruby Skye – Another nightclub in the Racks in Downtown

Dame Blue – A bar located in Weho with a killer drag act

El Leon de Oro – A bar controlled by the 36th Street Gang



Wolf's Den – A veterinarian clinic catering to the Hollywood type, near Downtown.

Something Collective – An art gallery located near LAX

Dio's Drag – A hookah bar and fusion cuisine joint on Venice

Chinaman Charlie's - A butcher on the edge of Chinatown

Fudge Packers Inc. - Fudge Packing Plant owned by Charlie. It was burned down and has since reopened for buisness.

Pho 43 – A Pho Joint that served as a heroin smuggling front.

Iron Pawn – Pawnshop owned by Abraham Kowalczyk.

Fennec Curios - Curio and Antiques Shop.

Verdant Chapel – A Mystical Goods Shop.


Havens of the Rich and Famous:

Warrens – Haven to Missus Evangiline and the Nosferatu of Los Angeles.

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA- The Chantry of Clan Tremere of Los Angeles.


Havens of the Shmucky and Poor:

Lupus's Apartment – Former murder scene.

Jane's Condo – Former residence of Lupus and Jane.

Charlie's House – Haven of Charlie.

[[Christine's Apartment]] – Haven of Christine.


The Undead and the Restless Shinigamitwo