The Questionnaire

I would like all of you, as part of you creation process, to fill out this handy dandy questionnaire and put the answers in your characters bio. Note that the first line is the overview with the rest being follow ups. Not all follow ups need to be answered, but all should be considered.

Describe your childhood. When were you born, include a month and year at least? Who were your immediate family? Where are they now? What is your clearest childhood memory? Did you have a hometown, or was your family constantly on the move? What was your schooling like? How far did you complete? Where did you go? Did any of your childhood friendships last to adulthood?


What kind of person were you?  How did you earn a living? Did you have any real friends? What kept you going from day to day? Will anyone miss you?


What was your first brush with the supernatural? Did you believe in the occult before your Embrace? When did you first meet a vampire?


Describe the circumstances of your Embrace. How did the Embrace change you? How did your sire catch you? Was the Embrace painful? Did you get a kinky pleasure out of it? Did the Hunger tear at you? Did it frighten you? Did it feel right? How old were you when you were Embraced? How long have you existed as a vampire? How old do you look?


Who was your sire, and how did he treat you? What do you know of your sire? Was he abusive, arrogant, cryptic, or open? Why do you think he chose you? How long did you stay with your sire? Where did you stay? Where did you go? Did you meet any other vampires during that time (such as a Prince or Primogen)? Do you judge other vampires in general by your opinion of your sire? When did he teach you the laws of your Sect?


How did you meet the others in your coterie and why do you trust them?


Where is your haven? Where do you hide during the day? Do you have anyone to protect you during the day?


Do you retain any connections to your mortal life? Are you presumed dead? Do you still watch over relatives from afar? Do you pretend to be still alive? Did you abandon your mortal existence entirely? Why?


What are your habitual feeding grounds? Whom do you feed upon, and where? Is your favorite hunting ground used by others? Who? Do you compete with others? Who? What is your preferred prey? Do you ever kill when you feed? Do you seduce your prey? Kidnap them? Assault them on the street? Do they come to you?


What motivates you? Do you seek revenge on any enemies? Do you long to return to your mortal life? Do you have ambitions in Kindred society? If you could achieve anything in the world, what would it be? 


What drew you to the city of Los Angeles? Tell me of someone in Los Angeles you admire and why. Ditto but this time some one you don’t. Why did you decide to stay in this particular chunk of vampiredom as compared to any others?

The Questionnaire

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